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Subject: 55n3
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Click here for a review of Bachmann's 55n3 Side Door Caboose
The Bachmann On30 cars boxcars are close to this Uintah 1905 boxcar. They just need to be lowered so the couplers are HO height. They are 29 Foot long in 55n3.

The Bachmann On30 gondolas and flats can be narrowed a scale foot to represent a typical narrow gauge gondola. An hour is all that it takes to narrow a gondola or a flat car.

The Bachmann On30 stock car has no known prototype except Bachmann's large scale rendition using a standard gauge car. It will suffice.

The Passenger cars match later cars and can be lowered for the earlier era.

Click here to convert a Bachmann On30 boxcar to 55n3
The Bachmann On30 flats are about a scale foot to wide.
Click here to convert a Bachmann On30 gondola to 55n3 typical narrow gauge gondola.

The Bachmann On30 small caboose is too tall.
Click here to lower the Bachmann On30 caboose to 55n3

Bachmann On30 Freight Cars
Bachmann On30 Passenger Cars
The passenger cars go well with our high drivered 4-4-0.

The 12 foot height matches cars from the Waynesburg & Washington and the Ohio River & Western. The body height matches this early "duck-bill" car. So they can be used without modification.

The windows match this Pacific Coast Railway Coach.  The cars become 40-1/2 feet in 55n3, a big improvement, the width is 8-1/2 feet to match the plan.